Contributing to gender equality at micro-project level

Experience capitalization sheet #14

Since any person or organization can, at its own level, participate in the fight against gender inequalities, the Agence des Micro Projets and Batik International have reflected together on the issues and means to promote gender equality in micro development projects.

Despite undeniable progress for women’s rights, gender inequalities persist in all regions of the world and in different areas (professional, economic, social, political, individual integrity, etc.).

At their own level, small international solidarity associations can contribute to reducing these inequalities.

Through the presentation of the gender approach and more particularly the “gender and development” approach, we propose you some first lines of thought to question your role as an international solidarity actor in the fight against gender inequalities.

Année : 2017
Éditeur : Agence Micro Projets- La Guilde
Auteur : Marine Lalique & Manon Borel

Catégorie(s) : Fiche de bonnes pratiques

Géographie(s) : Afrique, Amérique Latine et Caraïbes, Asie et Moyen-Orient, France et Europe

Thème(s) : Droits humains et Egalité femme homme, Gestion de projet


Fiche de bonnes pratiques


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